Assemblage Requis #820: mardi 3 mars 2015, «Loot Crate!»

Disponible en baladodiffusion (MP3, 192 kbps, 1:54:43)
Diffusion: mardi 3 mars 2015 de 7h30 à 9h30, redif.: lundi au jeudi de 6h30 à 7h30
Animateur(s): Mathieu Plante et Stéphanie Paradis

Le plan d’aujourd’hui à Assemblage Requis…
► Pour la semaine de relâche, on se fait un gros blitz de chroniques maison
► Et on goûte à des produits qui ne sont pas du tout faits-maison dans Une grosse pointe all-dressed
Assemblage Requis commence tout de suite!


De 6h30 à 7h30, Assemblage Prérequis présente des chroniques précédemment diffusées
► 150216 les notes salées (pour mardi 3 mars).wav
► 150225 activez votre santé (pour mardi 3 mars).wav
► 150225 son foutu palmarès (pour mardi 3 mars).wav

Les heures sont approximatives
7h30 – Son foutu palmarès
8h00 – Dans les coulisses de la LUITR (en bref)
8h10 – Ça existe: bonus edition
8h30 – Le bloc pub
Vers 9h00 – Info-campus
9h00 – Une grosse pointe all-dressed

Dans la prochaine édition d’Assemblage Requis…
► Véronique Myre et son Véronictionnaire
Assemblage Requis, du lundi au jeudi de 6h30 et 9h30 (en direct à partir de 7h30)


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Chroniques de collaborateurs

À déterminer

Chroniques maison

«Son foutu palmarès» avec Mathieu Plante

The 13 Most Influential Candy Bars of All Time | TIME
10 Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix-Ins | Mental Floss

8 inventions that will revolutionize your kitchen – The Week
15 Fun Facts About Fruitcake | Mental Floss
13 Ice Cream Secrets From Ben & Jerry's Flavor Gurus | Mental Floss
11 Common Misconceptions About Beer | Mental Floss
8 Things You May Not Know About Nutella | Mental Floss

«Une grosse pointe all-dressed» avec Mathieu Plante

Taco Bell Testing Taco Sauce Flavored Chips | Brand Eating
Starbucks Offers New Freshly-Roasted Coffee Subscription | Brand Eating
COMING SOON: Nabisco Limited Edition Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies | The Impulsive Buy
Taco Bell and Cap'n Crunch are making horrifying milk-filled donuts together | The Verge
Domino’s Promotion Guilts Stores That Haven’t Dropped “Pizza” From Restaurant Signage – Consumerist
Burger King “Franchisee Of The Year” Cashes In Prize Corvette To Pay Bonuses To Workers – Consumerist
70% Of Americans Want All-Day Access To Breakfast So Why Can’t It Happen? – Consumerist
Here Are Creme Egg Cookies And Easter Grass Twizzlers Because Why Not – Consumerist
McDonald's Introduces Honey Butter French Fries in South Korea
Hero Sets Record By Eating 182 Slices Of Bacon In Five Minutes – Consumerist
KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK – Consumerist
Dude Mixes $475 Worth of Soft Drinks and Then Barfs

Xbox One Burgers Now Available in Hong Kong
McDonald Selling Honey Butter French Fries in South Korea
Sparkling Lipton Tea Looks to Fill Soda Void | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
Japan Now Has Fruity Eggs | Mental Floss
Has Science Finally Created a Veggie Burger You'd Mistake for the Real Thing? | Adweek
Love Hot Sauce? Your Personality May Be A Good Predictor : The Salt : NPR
How KFC Reinvented the Fast Food Toy Meal in China | Behind The Work – Advertising Age
SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Twizzlers Easter Grass Candy | The Impulsive Buy
New Bacon-Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza at Little Caesars | Brand Eating
Starbucks Adds Specialty Coffee Delivery Service Subscription – Consumerist
Handing Prescription Bottles Full Of M&Ms To Kids Is A Very Bad Idea – Consumerist
Kraft's Maxwell House Tries to Win Over Millennials | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
Coming Soon: Kellogg's 'Origins' Cereal | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
Coke to Promote Bottle's Centennial With Global Campaign | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
Man Uses First Class Ticket to Eat for Free at the Airport. For a Year. | Mental Floss
This Newly USDA Approved Apple Doesn't Brown | Mental Floss
Do you love coffee? You should probably be drinking even more – Quartz
There's a Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding — Food News | The Kitchn
Meet The Next Generation of Waste-Free Food Packaging | IFLScience
Cats Take Over Pizza Hut Japan, Serve Fur-Stuffed Crust And Cuteness – Consumerist
Grocery Store Runs On Electricity Generated By Its Own Food Waste – Consumerist
Remembering Keedoozle, America's First Fully Automated Grocery Store | Mental Floss
Packaging-Free Supermarket Coming to Germany | IFLScience
This Brewery Had A Hilarious Response To Mandatory Food Service
GE is building a microwave that counts calories | The Verge
Feline facial recognition will make your cats less fat | The Verge
Spectacular food packaging decays with its contents | The Verge
Of Course, Japan Has a Mayonnaise Museum
This colorful tree is designed to grow 40 types of fruit | The Verge
We Have Seen The Future, And It Serves Strawberry Dr Pepper – Consumerist
Mcdonald’s Hong Kong Serves up Justice League Themed Meals
The Man Who Smuggles Trader Joe’s into Canada
Would You Pay 8 Bucks For A Burger At McDonald’s? – Consumerist
Descendants Of Women Who Appeared As Aunt Jemima Suing For $2B, Share Of Brand’s Revenue – Consumerist

Les instructions d'assemblage


Why You May Feel Short on Time (Even If You Have Plenty of It)
Lower Your Stress By Doing One Thing For Yourself, Every Day
Don’t Use Kitchen Spoons to Measure Medicine
Read More Every Day by Creating Reading Triggers
Make an Inventory of Your Stuff Right After the Holidays
Make This DIY Remote Control Pillow and Never Lose the Remote Again
Put a Business Card in Your Coat To Ensure Its Safe Return
Try Living on Your Unemployment Benefits to Prepare for a Job Loss
Boost Your "Lucky Breaks" by Becoming a More Memorable Person
To Relieve Stress, Relax Less Than You Want To
Prioritize Your To-Dos with Sticky Notes and Masking Tape
Use This Deep Breathing Technique to Calm Yourself
If You’re Stuck on a Problem, Push for 15 Minutes, Then Find Help
Why You Should Buy 4 TB Hard Drives and Skip the 3 TB Ones
Hang Small Tools Under a Shelf with Hard Drive Magnets
Make Chocolate Bowls with Balloons
Unlock a Game Hidden in Chrome on Android or PC
Reduce Stress During the Day With a Slow Morning
Pushh Logs and Protects Your Fitness Photos and Tracks Progress
This Tool Picks the Right Size and Viewing Distance for Your TV
Set a Fixed Gas Budget and Save the Excess When Prices Go Down
Admitting You and the Boss Don’t Get Along Might Improve Your Job
Put Your TV Service on a “Vacation Hold” To Save Money on Cable
This Shoebox Filing System Organizes Your Miscellaneous Objects
You Can Hack Keurig's DRM With Scotch Tape to Use Knock-Off Coffee Pods
The Best Way to Freeze Leftover Mashed Potatoes
Check Your Automatic Payments to Ensure You're Not Paying Hidden Fees
Counteract Wrist Pain from Your Keyboard & Mouse with a Few Stretches
Recalibrate Your "Colon Clock" to Avoid the Morning Poop Troop
Get Better Sound from Your Foam Earbuds with This Rolling Method
Make a New Candle with All of Your Used Ones In a Few Simple Steps
Arrange Furniture and Art Low to Make a Room Look Bigger
Turn Old Pantyhose Into Makeshift Dust Filters for Your PC
Watch Out for Unnecessary Treatments at the Dentist
Check If a Bar Is Unclean by Looking for Bubbles in Your Beer
How to Tell People You're a Fan of Their Work (Without Being Creepy)
Wake Up Consistently Instead of Sleeping 8 Hours to Wake Up Earlier
Set Aside Just One Percent More Each Month for Gradual Savings
The Six Things You Need to Tell Your Doctor for Any Type of Pain
Glimpse Stuffs Your Favorite Sites Into the Notification Center
You Might Be Blowing Your Nose Too Hard
Wrist Rests Are for Your Palms, Not Your Wrists
Give Yourself "Distraction Passes" to Work Without Temptation
Conquer an Unfinished Task by Dedicating Only Two Minutes to It
Noizio Plays Coffee Shop and Other Ambient Sounds to Help You Focus
Break Out of a Rut with Small, Personal Changes
Keep Your Face Upright to Make Vomiting Less Uncomfortable
Make Cookie Butter at Home with Four Ingredients
Why You Get a Crick In Your Neck (and How You Can Prevent It)
Ease Into Saving for Your Future with the Gradual Savings Strategy
Make Quick and Easy Homemade Caramels with Your Microwave
How to Properly Weigh Yourself for More Consistent, Motivating Results
Resize All of Finder's Columns at Once With a Keyboard Shortcut
Stay On Track to Your Goals with Automated Reminders
How to Decide How Much of Your Savings Should Pay Off Debt
How to Delete Specific Queries from Your Browsing History
Turn Leftover Candy Canes Into Infused Vodka
RockMyRun Syncs Your Music to Your Heart Rate
Set Guests at Ease with Similar Seating Height in Your Living Room
AutoConvert Automatically Converts Units and Currencies on Web Pages
Send Your Kids to Bed Early New Year's Eve with This Netflix Countdown
Set Up Accounts at Two Banks if Your Income Varies
Hocus Focus Automatically Hides Inactive Windows
Crumbles Makes TV and Movie Characters Say Anything in a Short Video
This Graphic Shows Bunch of Desk-Based Exercises for the Office
Convert AA Batteries Into C Batteries with Some Thin Cardboard Strips
Hang a "Discard Bag" in Your Closet to Regularly Declutter Clothes
Modify an IKEA Stool into a Simple Bike Stand
Convince Your Boss to Give You a Sabbatical by Learning New Skills
Dust-Proof Your Home With a DIY Fabric Softener and Water Solution
Start From Nothing and Add Back In For More Effective Decluttering
Clear Out Your Overwhelmed Email Inbox with the Nuclear Option
This Simple Six-Step Routine Could Save You $30 Per Week on Groceries
Create an "Emergency Lunch Kit" for Better Brown Bag Meals
Silence a Loud-Clicking Mouse with a Little Memory Foam
Build a Hidden Compartment in a Fake Potted Plant to Hide Valuables
Hide a Wi-Fi Router in a Magazine Holder
uBlock, the Memory-Friendly Ad-Blocker, Is Now Available for Firefox
Dreeps Turns Your Boring iPhone Alarm Clock Into an RPG
Find a Lost iPhone's Owner by Asking Siri for Help
The Ideal Amount of Sleep for Each Age Group, According to the Experts
Pick the Best Men's Hairstyle For Your Face with This Chart
Mac 101: Option-select those columns – TUAW
Only Use Credit Cards When You Get Useful Perks Back
PhoneExpander Quickly Frees Up Storage on Your iOS Device
Save a Dish That's Too Spicy by Adding Some Acid
Avoid Bad Diet Decisions with the 10 Minute Rule
Eat Like a Toddler for More Energy Through the Day
Pay Bills in Advance When Quitting a Job With Nothing Lined Up
Stop Your Glasses from Slipping Off Your Face with Ponytail Holders
Drops Teaches You Foreign Language Vocabulary in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Cut a Perfect Slice of Cake with a Hot Knife
Pay Your Own Personal "Lottery" to Save Money Regularly
Remember Someone's Name By Associating It With a Famous Person
Switch Purses Effortlessly With a Craft Caddy
ControlAir Controls Your Mac's Media Using Your Camera and Gestures
Soothe a Sore Nose With Coconut Oil
Mark Doses On Prescription Bottles to Know if You Took Your Medicine
Five Ways to Tie a Man’s Scarf
Keep Your Coffee Warm by Priming Your Mug With Hot Water
Avoid Overthinking Outfits With a "Stash" of Your Go-To Items
Use Leftover Ramen Seasoning Packets for a Delicious Dip
Make Your Snow Shovel Easier on Your Back by Adding a Dowel
Open Stubborn Jars with a Non-Lubricated Condom
Ask "What Else Can I Spend This Money On?" Before Big Purchases
Keep Your Super Glue from Drying Out with a Jar of Rice
Revive Stale Potato Chips with a Quick Bake in the Oven
Pick a Paint Palette to Tie Together All Your Rooms
Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With a "Lace Lock"
Easily Arrange Flowers In a Vase with Some Clear Tape
Rephrase What Your Partner Says to Be More Likable in Conversation
Plan Faster Meals, Not Just Cheap Ones, to Save Money While Cooking
How Long to Boil Eggs, Depending on How You Like Them
Achieve Perfectly Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Milk and Cornstarch
Write, but Don't Deliver Your Resignation Letter When You Want to Quit
Make Extra Cash at a Yard Sale by Selling Soda and Other Drinks
How to Turn Off the Annoying Chirping Sounds In the Facebook App
Three Small Things You Can Do for Your Partner to Make Love Last
Siri Keeps a History of Everything You Shazam, Here's How to Get To It
Sprinkle This DIY Parmesan Alternative On Everything (It's Vegan!)
Make Fluffier Rice by Trapping the Steam with a Kitchen Towel
Swap Money Habits With Your Partner to Understand Their Point of View
Find the Right App to Open a File Using the App Store on a Mac
Make Your Own Homemade Frozen Pizzas for Cheap and Easy Meals
Increase Your Emotional Intelligence by Expanding Your Vocabulary
Use the Principle of Automatic Savings to Build Better Habits
Use Customer Service Strategies to Resolve Arguments More Effectively
Avoid the Phrase "This is Awkward" in Uncomfortable Situations
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Learn Non-Attachment By Getting Rid of One Small Thing Each Day
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Remember Why You Lost Weight By Keeping Some of Your “Fat Clothes”
Gnoosic Gives Dead Simple Music Suggestions Based on Bands You Like
​Save Chicken Skin to Make an Addictive Baked Snack
Keep Mirrors From Fogging Up With Car Wax
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The Best Times to Ask for a Raise
Makeovr Adds Invisible Icons to iOS for Home Screen Customization
​Drink Hot Liquids to Make Yourself Poop
How to Turn Off Netflix's Autoplay Feature
Metaflop Lets You Create and Customize Your Own Fonts for Free
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Take Advantage of the "IKEA Effect" to Be More Satisfied With Your Stuff
Don't Rush To Combine Finances in a Relationship
Steep Tea for a Short Time to Get More Caffeine from Your Cuppa
Better Window Manager for OS X Saves Window States However You Want
Build a Convincing Hide-a-Key Out of PVC Pipe Parts
Invert the 80/20 Rule to Identify the Causes of Your Biggest Problems
When Experimenting with Productivity Tips, Try Just One at a Time


Les instructions d'assemblage

«Le bloc pub» avec Mathieu Plante

Dish Network Puts Spin on AutoHop for the Super Bowl | Media – Advertising Age
Les marques profitent du #deflategate – Infopresse
La LNF lance une pub contre la violence conjugale – Infopresse
À l’international: le chien serpillère de Dr Pepper – Infopresse
Loto-Québec: on ne contrôle pas le hasard – Infopresse
DuProprio: la parole aux clients – Infopresse
Semaine antitabac: des campagnes qui choquent – Infopresse
La webréalité: une nouvelle offre destinée aux annonceurs chez TC Média – Infopresse
L’émission J’ai raté mes rénos! profite des déboires de l’îlot Voyageur – Infopresse
Des paysages tout terrain pour Jeep – Infopresse
L’Accélérateur d’idées: nouvel incubateur de Radio-Canada – Infopresse
À l'international: Dove lance son message pour les Oscars – Infopresse
Treize campagnes québécoises récompensées au concours Cassies – Infopresse
Coca-Cola se met aux émojis – Infopresse
À l’international: votre pire employé aux Lions de Cannes – Infopresse
Recours collectif visant des fabricants de mémoire vive: une campagne signée Brad – Infopresse
À l’international: oubliez les sous-vêtements avec Cottonelle – Infopresse
Mont-Sainte-Anne et Stoneham: braver le blizzard pour un billet – Infopresse
Nutella, bon joueur à la suite de la polémique – Infopresse
Une campagne au goût de Montréal pour 1642 Cola – Infopresse
La bouteille de Coca-Cola a 100 ans – Infopresse
Une Nuit blanche sous le signe de l’art dans le métro de Montréal – Infopresse
À l’international: des jeux de Monopoly payants – Infopresse
Coca-Cola cite Hitler… par mégarde – Infopresse
Un œuf McMuffin se lève avec le soleil à Vancouver – Infopresse
Campagne tout en tricot pour les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois – Infopresse
Le Marsupilami prend le métro avec Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R – Infopresse
À l’international: quand Snickers s’attaque au SI Swimsuit Edition – Infopresse
Évasion fête ses 15 ans en «stop motion» – Infopresse
ESPN's New SportsCenter Ad Reveals the True Identity of Katy Perry's Sharks | Adweek
De vraies fausses pubs génériques pour Toyota – Infopresse
À l’international: des armes à feu vedettes publicitaires – Infopresse
Mieux se connaître pour combattre le cancer du sein – Infopresse
Thérapie de couple avec les émoticônes Ikea – Infopresse
Adogotchi: une application pour encourager ses enfants – Infopresse
À l'international: la curiosité des enfants est dangereuse – Infopresse
L’Équipeur fixe ses réductions en fonction de la météo – Infopresse
Une autopromo biblique pour 1One – Infopresse
Starbucks se diversifie dans l’alcool au Canada – Infopresse
Toyota donne la parole aux conducteurs « typiques » dans une nouvelle offensive signée Bleublancrouge | ActusMédias
PATTISON Affichage lance un nouveau projet artistique dans les centres commerciaux | ActusMédias
La météo fait gagner des rabais chez L’Équipeur | ActusMédias
Brands Turn Back the Clock and Show Us the World #IfThe80sNeverStopped | Adweek
Is This the Cutest Interactive Website Ever, or the Creepiest? | Adweek
Honda Teaches You to Speed Read in Three Ads That Go Faster and Faster | Adweek
When the Escalators Died in Stockholm's Subway, Reebok Was There to Give People a Lift | Adweek
Snickers Turned Marcia Brady Into Danny Trejo on 'Hungerlapse' Billboard, Too | Adweek
Whoa, This Weird Retro Ad Imagines Birdman as a Real Action Figure | Adweek
Lingerie-Clad Woman Admires Her Hot Body, Pulls Tight Jeans Over Booty In Sexually Suggestive Smartphone Ad
Bill Lumbergh of Office Space Is Back, and Still a Clueless Prick, in Ads for HipChat Software | Adweek
Marie-Soleil Michon devient ambassadrice d’Etsy au Québec | ActusMédias
Every Brand Wanted a Piece of #TheDress, but Who Wore It Best? | Adweek
Jose Cuervo Mixes a Margarita in Space and Parachutes It Back to Earth | Adweek
Ad Campaign Hilariously Wants to 'Save the Bros' From the Junk in Protein Shakes | Adweek
Google Made a Tiny Programmable Choir Out of 300 Android Devices | Adweek
Company Makes Offensive Ad, Then Shows You Exactly How Not to Deal With the Backlash | Adweek
This Pizza Brand's Outdoor Ads Are Hard to Notice, and That's the Point | Adweek
Fans Pirate 'Fifty Shades of Grey' More Than 400,000 Times | Media – Advertising Age
Here's the Cover of Wired's First Ever Sex Issue | Media – Advertising Age
Ikea Develops Its Own Emojis, for When You Need to Text About Swedish Meatballs | Adweek
Mom Goes Fast and Furious in a Minivan in Famous Footwear's 'Momkhana' Video | Adweek
Parks and Rec Made a Bunch of Fake Ads for Last Night's Show, and They Were Great | Adweek
Sex Toy Company Makes a Movie, With a Special Trailer You Can't Watch Alone | Adweek
Alan Cumming Shows You Suggestive Things to Do Besides Sex in Ad Targeting the FDA | Adweek
What Is Branding? This Thought-Provoking Video Tells You in Just 2 Minutes | Adweek
Everything You Never Want to Hear in a Radio Ad, in Two Very Funny Videos | Adweek
Postmates Delivers Vogue Magazine to Your Door in Minutes | Media – Advertising Age
Dish’s “Reverse AutoHop” Will Cut Out Everything But The Commercials From The Super Bowl – Consumerist
Watch the Super Bowl Commercial Highlights in Stop-Motion LEGO | Mental Floss
That's Weird: Hexacopters Flying Around Headless Mannequins To Advertise Clothing Store | Geekologie
Swipe right on these fake Tinder profiles for a warning about AIDS | The Verge
The new Hitman movie ads are just someone pretending to murder YouTube stars | The Verge
Forbes Now Including Advertiser-Created Content On Front Cover Of Magazine – Consumerist
New York Tourism Agency Gives Up, Suggests That Visitors Go to Florida Instead – Neatorama
Mad Men Chops Its Pilot Episode Into 154 Clips and Wants Fans to Reshoot Each One | Adweek
Can You Identify All These Famous Logos Redesigned by an Artist Into Chinese? | Adweek
Red Velvet Oreos Are a Delightfully Awkward Aphrodisiac in Quirky Valentine Cartoons | Adweek
Ikea Uses Poorly Assembled Billboards to Admit Its Furniture Is Hard to Put Together | Adweek
This Book of Ads Has a Cover That Judges You Back, and Opens Only for Some Readers | Adweek
Gatorade Digitally Remastered 'Be Like Mike' After 23 Years, and Damn Does It Hold Up | Adweek
Brands Are in Love With the #WhatIsLoveIn4Words Game, but They Only Love Themselves | Adweek
Forbes Puts Native Ad for Fidelity on Its (Actual) Cover | Media – Advertising Age
XO Mints Freshens Up Valentine's Day With Catchy Ballad for Ugly People | Adweek
Huggies Uses Pandora to Promote Baby-Making for Holiday | CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
An Ad Agency Punked Kanye West From Its Offices During Last Night's Flatiron Show | Adweek
Microsoft's Valentine's Advice: Break Up With Siri and Start Seeing Cortana | Adweek

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